Welcome to the blog

photo booth sign and piggybank cut out
photo booth sign and piggybank cut out

Welcome to the blog!

So I guess you are┬áprobably thinking what is this about? It’s about photo booths people because they are cool.

Do you want to see your face on an amazing picture? Do you want to spend as less money as possible doing it ? Well, you have found the best source to help you do just that! My name is Alex and I am a man with a plan, a man on a mission. And to do what exactly? To inform the masses on some of the top end photo booth companies to look out for and who to stay away from! Yes, in the world we live in today (we know it’s not perfect) but scamming people is still a very big issue. So if you stay tuned, we will highlight the major signs to look out for – to prevent being scammed.

So, a little bit about how this is going to go down. We have an about us page (boring) a contact us page (boring) and then the posts from this blog (exciting) ! You can always keep in touch by leaving a comment in the contact us page and we will get back to you asap! As a result of this, we will also be holding a competition later on.

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