Start your own business

If you guys want to start your own business, contact me here for details please.

My business is going really well, I enjoy every aspect of my job. Seeing happy customers and reading their positive reviews online, it is fantastic. I would honestly recommend anyone who is looking for a new venture to invest your time and effort into purchasing a photo booth.

If you need advice about financial stuff etc. check this out:

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The best photo booth company

This part is my favourite part.

The reason I like this blog is because it is about photo booths, something I can’t wait to invest in. I want to own my own company one day. Furthermore, become a global chain owner and crush my competition!

Here is a link to a cool website which explains how awesome photo booths are:

So, as you can see there are five killer reasons as to why photo booths are down right sick! I want to tell you guys about a company in Glasgow, Scotland called Party booth Glasgow. It is amazing and furthermore, it is the best priced and have many props available.

This photo booth company offers LED lights at 4 feet tall, an LED dance floor which comes in black and white and also discounted rates for weddings. It’s worth every penny.

Their link is here, Photo booth hire Glasgow

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How to avoid being scammed

photo booth, 3D rendering, a red shiny stickerHow to avoid being scammed:

Yes, the big question on everyones mind. Well, let me tell you a story first before I begin on why being vigilant when purchasing photo booths for your special occasion is important. Again, my friends in photo booth Glasgow are the best but that’s a post later down the line. So this post is going to focus on how easily it can be to become a victim of a photo booth scam and how to avoid it. This post is sponsored by my friends at Redbridge London Locksmith

i will tell you how to remedy it if you are a victim. It’s a shame this happens a lot and that there are not nearly enough practices put into place to make it difficult for a scam artist but hey ho! That’s where I can do my part, right? It’s not a nice feeling being scammed but it would be ideal if all our money we pay for taxes would go towards strengthening our laws but that’s a post for another day.

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Welcome to the blog

photo booth sign and piggybank cut out
photo booth sign and piggybank cut out

Welcome to the blog!

So I guess you are probably thinking what is this about? It’s about photo booths people because they are cool.

Do you want to see your face on an amazing picture? Do you want to spend as less money as possible doing it ? Well, you have found the best source to help you do just that! My name is Alex and I am a man with a plan, a man on a mission. And to do what exactly? To inform the masses on some of the top end photo booth companies to look out for and who to stay away from! Yes, in the world we live in today (we know it’s not perfect) but scamming people is still a very big issue. So if you stay tuned, we will highlight the major signs to look out for – to prevent being scammed.

So, a little bit about how this is going to go down. We have an about us page (boring) a contact us page (boring) and then the posts from this blog (exciting) ! You can always keep in touch by leaving a comment in the contact us page and we will get back to you asap! As a result of this, we will also be holding a competition later on.

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